Rates & Sizes

Images are available in a variety of formats. The types of formats displayed in my booth at art shows are 1) Matted (in clear bags), and 2) Laminated Ready-To-Hang images. All images are printed in my studio using my large-format, 11-ink Epson printers. I personally handle most of the processes in my studio (the few exceptions being where my professional photo lab has the equipment to ensure the best outcome). As a result, you receive a hand crafted item that is individually made by the artist. Below are the different formats in which you can obtain one of my images.

A. Standard - Matted Or Framed Images

Standard images come either matted in bags or framed. The framed pieces contain no glass to cause reflections. Instead, they are laminated with a special laminate created for photography. (For more, see the Materials and Processes section under the Artist’s Statement tab.) Standard framed pieces come with a simple, elegant black frame – the frame adds 3” to each of the dimensions given below. Other frames are available utilizing my frame wholesaler – you can visit their showroom/warehouse for a large selection of frame styles.

Exterior Size Image Size Matted/Bagged Framed
8.5" x 10" 5" x 7 " $20  
11" x 14" 6" x 9 " $45 $95
16" x 20" 8" x 12" $75 $225
18" x 24 " 12" x 18 " $125 $245
24" x 32 " 16" x 24 " $225 $425
30" x 40 " 20" x 30 " $325 $575

B. Laminated - Ready-To-Hang Images

These prints are sealed with a protective laminate and mounted on ½” thick art board. The laminate is specially made for photography. The edges are then trimmed, giving the image a solid, finished look. A hanger is placed on the back and the piece is ready to hang. There is no frame, mat or glass to detract from the image – the image takes up the entire space. The laminate gives the image depth and boosts the colors, giving the image a powerful effect. Since there is no matting, sizes reflect the 2:3 ratio of my images, with some exceptions to accommodate panoramic images (which are noted below).

Size Price Notes
6" x 24" $95  
9" x 14" $95  
13" x 20" $195  
16" x 24" $225  
16" x 32" $375  
21" x 32" $375  
22" x 44" $525  
27" x 40" $525  
36" x 54" $875  
44" x 66" $1,295 Largest size without cropping
44" x 88" $1,675 Image cropped to 1:2 aspect ratio
48" x 96" $1,985 Triptych - mounted in three pieces and cropped
64" x 96" $2,575 Triptych - mounted in three pieces

C. Triptychs

Exterior Size Interior Size Price
10" x 20 1/2" 3 @ 5" x 7" $125

D. Thin Panoramas

Thin panoramas make great pieces to hang in areas that are not large but still need art to spice them up. Most of these are 6"x24" in size and are either vertical or horizontal. Some panoramas are slices taken from the middle of already-available images. Others are images that just lend themselves to the thin panorama shape. All thin panoramas are shown in the Panoramas gallery.

Size Price
6" x 24" $95
8" x 24" $115

E. Special Orders

Any of my images can be ordered in other formats too. My largest printer can print up to 44” wide and it uses 100’ rolls of paper, so the output size is very flexible. If you have an idea for a special image size or format, send me an email and we will work out the details together. I have many happy customers who have come to me with special ideas for the presentation of my images. I love creative challenges.



For orders, send an email to pwood7453@aol.com.
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